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1. Jet Stream reels are full open, pillar-less construction for Spin-mode.

To wind line properly to the spool, your right hand (if you are right hand caster) first finger fix to the rod grip and tuck running line with mid finger. And always be conscious wind line to the center of spool and keep tension while winding Super Fire Line.


2. Single hand double haul casting

For final haul (when to shoot), just haul line to your right waist. (for right hand caster)
If you don’t like it, okay we have another solution, use optional line guide. Then you can cast by double haul as normal way.




Detachable line guide
for Osprey


Please note you can slide ‘line guide’ to the reel foot side if not in use like double hand casting.

3. Double hand casting

Always put running line right side (if you are right hand caster) when to cast.


4. Recoil Thruster Engine strings change.

We use 3-4 normal nylon line as Recoil Thruster Engine strings. Of course nylon line is not eternal and may break someday. On the fishing site, if break one line, you can cut one nylon line and can continue fishing with rest of 2-3 nylon line. (see video) We also recommend replace all nylon line after the fishing.

nylon line (0.33mm×4 0.37mm×3 diameter line)
Fluorocarbon line is NOT available.

For right wind model


5. Recoil Thruster Engine retrieve in strong and heavy stream flow

In the strong and heavy stream flow, sometimes Recoil Thruster Engine cannot work. No worry, in such case you rod action helps Recoil Thruster Engine.
See video


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